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Don’t get me wrong, Whit Stillman is my favorite writer/director so I don’t mean to bring him down to the level of tween tv, but am I the only one to notice that the creators of Gossip Girl have a few homages to Stillman? Consider the evidence:

1. Metropolitan‘s “it-girl” is named Serena Slocam. Gossip Girl’s it-girl is Serena van der Woodsen.

2. Metropolitan’s rich kid is named Rick Von Sloneker. See above character name.

3. And of course, both are about former prep school teenage socialites.

Metropolitan is a must-see. It’s funny, endearing and portrays rich New York socialites, aka UHB (Urban Haute Bourgeoisie), like real people. Which of course they are.

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You only have to have watched a few recent tennis Grand Slams to know that Roger Federer shares the management company as Tiger Woods and Thierry Henry. This advert absolutely makes me cringe. With all the money that they have you would think they’d be embarrassed to lather up and shave for the camera. Let’s just put it this way, I would rather be Fred Astaire with a vacuum. At least the humiliation began after his death.

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A Modest Column

Definitely worth the full read.

People in high office — like the president and the vice-president — have difficult, complicated jobs. If they forget to do stuff, or if they cut corners here and there, or if they tell a white lie now and then, that’s OK, because the important thing is for them to protect us not only from bad things but also from thinking about bad things, unless they feel we need to. The only thing a president shouldn’t do is to have sex with someone who’s not his wife — because that’s a betrayal of the American people’s trust.

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A 6-year-old Garland, Texas, girl won a Hannah Montana makeover and concert tickets Friday with an essay that started, “My daddy died this year in Iraq…. “

Trouble is, it wasn’t true. Her mother admitted the essay and information she supplied about the supposedly deceased soldier are false…

Before you get outraged, they took back the prize.

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“America seeks, alongside its agents in the region, to create an allied government … that would accept in advance the presence of major U.S. bases in Iraq and give the Americans all they wish of Iraq’s oil,” he said.

While I’ve no doubt the administration is preparing a response to the above, Bin Laden is not the first one to make this suggestion.

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Wonkette posts You Can Go Home Again, If You’re White in reference to Australian David Hicks’ release from prison — which reminds me of the less talked about John Walker Lindh. Let’s recap:

Captured on November 25, 2001.

Indicted on February 13, 2002.

Plead guilty July 15, 2002 and began serving his sentence shortly thereafter.

In light of David Hicks’ recent release, Lindh’s family have appealed to President Bush to commute his sentence. But I suppose that sort of treatment is reserved for those who out CIA operatives.

On the one hand justice for Lindh was speedy. For the well over 300 remaining detainees in Guantanamo Bay it must be torture in itself to be kept in uncertainty about your fate. On the other, Lindh’s sentence is certainly disproportionate.

So who is better off? David Hicks who spent over 5 years in Guantanamo Bay but is now free? Or John Walker Lindh who received immediate civilian justice but will remain a prisoner in the U.S. for a minimum of eleven more years?

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Poor Tiger

I’m not suggesting that the Police were wrong to shoot Tatiana, but I just can’t help feeling sorry for her. To be held captive for so many years, escape, and then be immediately killed.

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