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I never watched Quincy in America perhaps because I was too young when it came out. No, my first introduction to Quincy was in 1998 when I lived in Great Britain. Now you may be asking as I did why on earth Quincy ME, a show from 1976, was on television in Great Britain in 1998. I really can’t say, but apparently it’s still a hit in Germany.

Jack Klugman, aka Quincy, is suing NBC over royalties:

His 1976 contract with NBC entitles him and his company, Sweater Productions, to 25 percent of the show’s “net profits,” according to the suit filed in Superior Court. Klugman claims his copy of the contract was lost when his agent died, and NBC has refused to provide a copy.

“I recently heard that they made $250 million and it’s still on TV in Germany. I don’t want their money. I want my money,” Klugman told The Associated Press. “I worked my tail off. I got up at four in the morning and stayed at the studio. I did rewrite, I edited.”

Here’s a segment from the Punk Rock episode of Quincy. Didn’t you know Punk was dangerous.

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This made my morning and it renewed my faith in the American people. I’ll be at the Mariner’s opening game today. The only thing that could make this day better is if we win.

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Remember the story about the guy who purchased a device on Ebay that made traffic lights green? These devices are used for emergency vehicles; I’m not sure why this idiot thought his commute was so dang important.

I just found out Seattle Metro buses apparently can use this technology too. I’m painfully aware how late Seattle Metro buses are.

Metro also applies other strategies to keep the buses running on time. In arrangements coordinated with city traffic engineers, some buses are equipped with devices that send a signal to traffic-light controls when nearing an intersection so that the light will stay green for a few extra seconds to let the bus through.

Other bus-borne devices can trigger a red light for the curb lane to turn green a few seconds before all lanes get the green light, allowing a bus to pull away from the curb and merge into the travel lanes ahead of the traffic flow.

Very weird. Technology scares me.

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Slate posted a video of what they call the stupidest bike lane in America. They then ask viewers to submit their own stupid bike lanes. I have to think Slate is now getting inundated with video of stupid bike lanes. They are all over the place.

In Seattle, they have very recently started painting bicycle markers on streets where there is not enough room for a bike lane. You can see the picture above. There is no lane per se so you don’t see a line, but you do see a bicycle marker on the road. Which makes me think that just because you put a picture of a bike on the road that doesn’t make it a bike lane and it doesn’t make it safe. It’s very half-assed and surprising considering Seattle’s supposed commitment to becoming a major bike city.

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Things To Do

  1. Straighten out that whole Israeli-Palestinian peace thing. (Roadmap drafted in October 2002)
  2. Find Osama Bin Laden. (Said I would September 13, 2001)
  3. Bring peace and stability to Iraq. Oh yeah, shirked that off on the next guy. Phew.

Suggestions welcome for part II.

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Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he is confident about explaining to the US President his decision to bring combat troops home from Iraq.

Australia has been pretty supportive, so I think this shows how most everyone thinks it is time to go home.

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Yesterday I got 2 hits for “Loser”.

Today, 1 for “sex whit cow.”

While the former is really up to my readers, I wonder if the person who used the latter was somewhat disappointed.

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