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Dean Obeidallah tells us the painful truth:

When going to the airport, no shirts with Arabic writing nor Arab scarves that are very fashionable and worn by so many young, hip people today. Those scarves may be cool for white people, but if we wear them at the airport, it means one thing: Orange alert.

So what should you wear? Remember this saying: “Dress white, make your flight. Dress Brown, never leave town.” What does “dress white” mean? Two words: Banana Republic — khaki pants and polo shirt with a little animal on it — like a tiger, a horse or an alligator — but not a camel — I repeat, not a camel!

Also if you have a Middle Eastern accent and are answering questions by security, I’d recommend throwing in words from other languages so they have no idea where you are from. For example, if they ask where you are going, you respond: “Where are am I going, mon cheri? To see my Mamma Mia and have a fajita — mazel tov!”

Via Huffingtonpost.

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