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This video is actually not difficult to watch at all. If you have a George W. Bush phobia you can handle it. I suppose because he’s nothing like what we’ve come to hate.

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…not in the way these manufacturers were  claiming.

They challenged the companies behind products such as vitamins, shampoo, detox patches and a body brush on the evidence they had to support the detox claims made.

No two companies seemed to use the same definition of detox – defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as the removal of toxic substances or qualities.

In the majority of cases, producers and retailers were forced to admit that they had simply renamed processes like cleaning or brushing, as detox, the scientists said.


One researcher investigated a Garnier face wash which claimed to detoxify the skin by removing toxins.

”Your body is the best detox product you have” – Sense about Science

The “toxins” turned out to be the dirt, make-up and skin oils that any cleanser would be expected to remove, she said.

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