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I’m sure I’m not the only one to have this thought. While race was certainly prevalent on people’s minds during the election, I never had as much of a sensation that Barack Obama was out of place than I had looking at this photograph. Even in a fairly white city like Seattle, there is enough diversity that Barack Obama would fit in just fine. At the debates, he looked like he fit in. On the stump, he looked like he fit in. Our nation no matter how you slice it is pretty diverse and certainly does not match the racial (and gender) ratio of the picture above. It’s startling.

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Air Force Vs. the blogs

A little disturbing.

The United States Air Force has stirred up controversy with a new Internet filtering policy that aims to prevent Air Force personnel from reading blogs while on the job. The ban has been implemented by the Air Force Network Operations Center (AFNOC), which houses the Air Force Cyber Command. The block is said to extend to virtually every web site that contains the word “blog” in the address, but doesn’t impede access to sites that are deemed by AFNOC to be “reputable media outlet[s]”.

The policy is a source of frustration for Air Force personnel who expand their expertise by following informative blogs on military subjects ranging from counterterrorism to defense technology. Critics of the policy say that the selective filtering is highly arbitrary and void of practical benefit. The Air Force brass, however, is convinced that permitting soldiers to read blogs creates serious security risks.

Then the Counter-Blog response plan.

As the daughter of a Retired Air Force Officer….More interesting tidbits at Think Progress.

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Now that I’ve got your attention, this really did happen. Jake went out last night for a neighborhood run and as he turned a corner a pit bull puppy lept into the air and grabbed onto Jake’s arm then let go. Just so you know Jake is over 6 ft. Not realizing what happened, Jake continued on his run as he looked back and saw the owner disciplining the dog.

Then Jake gets home and tells me what happened and shows me the swollen bite which from a non-professional view looked pretty bad. Did you ask if the dog had rabies shots, I asked. No. Did you get the guys address, I asked. No. A quick drive through the neighborhood did not yield any results. The devil dog was gone.

I guess as an American I take for granted the fact that one should be pretty upset when bitten by a strange dog. I mean notice how upset everyone gets about the mad dog in To Kill a Mockingbird. Jake on the other hand didn’t think he needed to go to the emergency room. Rabies doesn’t exist in Britain and so neither does the fear. After we got to the hospital they told him that the wound was superficial and he didn’t need rabies shots. They said rabies is very rare in a city. This I didn’t know. I thought you always got rabies shots when bitten by unknown dog. In any case, they sent him home having given him a tetanus shot and telling him how to clean the wound.

Photo via teacherholly’s flickr Photostream.

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