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Goodbye PI

It has been announced that the Seattle Post Intelligencer, one of two Seattle daily newspapers, is up for sale. The owners (Hearst) do not expect to find a buyer and thus will shut down the operation. I’ll never forget Jarvis Cocker’s quip about the PI at a concert a couple of years ago. He brought with him on the stage the Seattle PI and said “I’ve just been reading the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Intelligencer is not a word.”

Since I’ve been blogging, I find that Seattle PI usually has more interesting articles to link to than the Seattle Times. In particular I’m a huge fan of David Horsey’s work shown below. Usually when I link to articles in the PI, the stories don’t actually originate with PI staff. But my favorite ones do. Here they are.

I loved this story on a man who built his own treehouse on public property. The photographs were great. This post got a lot of hits. Where will these links go when the paper dies?

This post on dirt has gotten an extraordinary amount of traffic, but part of me thinks that’s because people think I’m talking about the television show and not soil.

And then there was the dangers of diacetyl a chemical found in microwave popcorn. You  have to give the PI credit for being at the forefront on this issue.

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