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True, I’m not that old but this has never happened in my lifetime.

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Day one with the Roomba

We ended up purchasing a Roomba 410. This is an older model which was cheaper. The amazon reviews suggest that the latest models in the 500 series are problematic. As the 500 series were nearly double the price, we both thought the Roobma 410 was a good place to start. Many reviews on any Roomba model suggest that Roombas don’t last too long. A year being optimal.

Reviews also suggest the Roomba is like a bad dishwasher. Just like you need to “clean” dishes before putting them in a bad dishwasher, you need to “clean” before using the Roomba. If you want it to last. The Roomba arrived on Wednesday. Saturday we spent all day cleaning the house and sweeping the floors. Yes, it is a little ironic but I’d rather this Roomba last than over-tax it on its first day. Yes, I am laughing as I write this.

So far the Roomba seems very good at coverage. He (seems masculine, I don’t know) seems to have gone over every room on the first floor quite thoroughly. He can get himself out of most jams and he definitely knows how to get on and off of carpet. He went behind our TV which caused us some worry and we were amazed when he actually went underneath the TV cabinet. I can’t say when that was last swept. He has missed some dirt spots nonetheless. The bastard!

I hope he didn’t hear that…I was just kidding after all..I was kidding!

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully, he’ll still be working 3 months from now.

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