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One of Norm Coleman’s (the loser of the Minnesota Senate Race) star witnesses in his lawsuit to unseat winner Al Franken explains just why his ballot was rejected.

DeMuth’s ballot was rejected because the signature on his application didn’t match the one on his ballot, and he said nobody ever called him to inform him of the problem. Upon his initial direct examination by Coleman lawyer James Langdon, DeMuth explained how it happened: Instead of signing the application with a pen, he downloaded a PDF copy and converted it into a JPG, then typed in the relevant text and “signed” his initials by using the mouse.

“It’s hard to get the signature I normally use, so I just used my initials,” DeMuth explained.

He then e-mailed the application in and got a ballot days later, which he filled in and signed his full name to in the old-fashioned way. Upon cross-examination, Franken lawyer Kevin Hamilton asked: “Do you have a pen in your dorm-room at Fargo?”

Apparently DeMuth didn’t want to pay to print out a copy of the application on campus, and he thought this would be easier.

Should this guy be allowed to vote? Via TalkingPointsMemo.

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