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Keep copies

This is a nail-biter of a story from Salon about medical malpractice. I’d post an excerpt, but I don’t want to give away the dramatic ending.

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Circumcision should be routinely considered as a way to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections, argue US experts.

They spoke out after research found circumcision significantly cut the risk of infection with herpes and the cancer-causing human papillomavirus.

Circumcision is known to sharply reduce the risk of HIV infection.

But the study, featured in the New England Journal of Medicine, failed to convince UK experts.

Yeah, no kidding. People in Africa must think Americans are a strange people given their obsession with (pardon the following) surgically removing the foreskins of an entire continent of men.  I loved this quote from the BBC.

Dr Colm O’Mahony, a sexual health expert from the Countess of Chester Foundation Trust Hospital in Chester, said the US had an “obsession” with circumcision being the answer to controlling sexually transmitted infections.

Is there some sort of circumcision lobby of doctors who perform this procedure on (gulp) adult men? If so, can I buy stock in it? This is bordering on pathological.

Dr O’Mahony also said pushing circumcision as a solution sent the wrong message.

“It suggests that it is women who infect innocent men – let’s protect the innocent men.

“And it allows men who don’t want to change their irresponsible behaviour to continue to sleep around and not even use a condom.”

Exactly. And just a reminder that Africans aren’t falling for it.

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Boy, I wish it were true in Seattle.

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It’s pretty obvious that America has some serious problems. None of which have to do with gay marriage or abortion or name your own wedge issue. Alabama, Los Angeles. These daily massacres are starting to become commonplace.

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Danton the cat

On Monday we brought Danton home for the Seattle Animal Shelter clinic where he was neutered. Since then he’s had an amazing recovery. On day one and two he primarily hid under the bed, but by day three he was coming out to be pet. On day 4 he found our bedroom upstairs to visit. On day 5 he was running the house. There are a few peculiarities to Danton. He licks me a lot. He loves it. For several minutes. If I move away he swats at my hand to bring it back. I’ll post pictures as they come.

For those not brushed up on the French Revolution, you can read about the first Danton here.

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As I’ve said before, I love the removable-bottom tart pan. You get such good results without a lot of fuss. I’m definitely more of a tart person than a cake person. The tart has a orange zest crust with jam baked onto it. Then it’s topped with a marscapone filling and raspberries.

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The agency liquidating Bernard Madoff’s brokerage says the $2.6 billion it has on hand is enough to satisfy all legitimate claims by victims of the money manager’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme.

This is good news, right? I was flabbergasted by the following:

Some Madoff investors are up in arms about SIPC’s decision, announced by Picard at a Feb. 20 creditors’ meeting, to limit victim claims to “net equity” — cash invested minus sums taken out. That formula ignores profit reported on customer brokerage statements for the past 20 years, gains that were fictitious because Picard found no evidence Madoff had made any trades or profits going back decades.

I can’t think of any reason why the victims should be compensated with the money that never existed. Am I cold-hearted? I am not in any way saying that the Madoff victims are responsible for their victim-hood, but let’s be honest there were many people who invested and lost money in the past year from completely legitimate investment funds. Rewarding people who participated in a scheme, granted unwillingly, makes no sense. Why should they profit when many others didn’t.

A lot of people have blamed the victims of Madoff for being greedy. I think that is unfair to people who have clearly suffered quite a bit by the selfishness of this man. Now, I’m thinking that maybe they are a little greedy.

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