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…showing the decreasing size of the Grande Armée as it marches to Moscow and back with the size of the army equal to the width of the line. Temperature is plotted on the lower graph for the return journey (Multiply Réaumur temperatures by 1¼ to get Celsius, e.g. −30°R = −37.5 °C)

I thought Jake might like this. Click on the link for the larger image. Information on the march at Wikipedia.

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Why “screw that?” Because sometimes you read something so ridiculous in recipe that you have to curse.

We will be signing a lease on a new house that has a ceramic glass stove top. I have heard anecdotaly that you cannot cook using a cast iron pan on one of these stove tops. So of course I google to see what types of pans are appropriate on this type of stove top. It may be interesting to know that in America if you are purchasing a new stove and it is an electric stove the glass stove tops are the only options. Have a coil stove now? You have to special order the coils as they are widely out of circulation.

Here are some of the limitations of this “advanced” technology that I found on a dizzying comment thread regarding this topic.

Do not “slide” pots or pans around on the ceramic top, you must pick up the pots or pans and place them where you want them. Sliding them can cause cuts or scrapes on the glass.

Always use proper pan size for the cooking area you are using…to determine proper pan size, it would be the size of the pan compared to the size of the cooking area, always try to match the pan as close as possible to the size of the burner.

Never operate the cooking areas without having a pan on them.

Always keep utensil handles turned inwards towards the stove, not outwards where they can be bumped.

Pans that have a uneven bottom or are warped or “grooved” do not work as well as smooth bottom pans, and will tend to cook slower and in a uneven manner.

Do not taunt happy fun ball comes to mind. Are freaking kidding me? What’s the point of having a stove that you’re afraid to use. There are countless stories of people (gasp!) having their food boil over in the pan and the stove top is irreparable. Who makes this shit? Words do not describe how scared I’m going to be to cook. I’m going to have to buy plug-in electric burners to do canning or any of the other tasks which may taunt the cooktop. Screw it!!

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David Horsey on the GOP

It’s a beauty.

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My Bloody Valentine: Soon

Just saw them last night.

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1.    Seattle Sounders FC. Well I really had to choose that as my favorite. We kept the name from our previous soccer team and added an FC just to make it new.
2.    San Jose Earthquakes. Nice and appropriate for the area.
3.    Houston Dynamo. Anything with the word “dynamo” is fun.
4.    New England Revolution. I probably would like this name better if it weren’t for the New England Patriots.
5.    Chicago Fire.
6.    Colorado Rapids.
7.    Chivas USA.
8.    Los Angeles Galaxy.

9.     Columbus Crew. (I don’t like the logo either)
10.    All the following are tied: D.C. United, Toronto FC, FC Dallas. Just boring.
11.    Real Salt Lake. Doesn’t really make any sense even if it they are Europhiles.
12.    Kansas City Wizards. This is kind of an embarrassing name.
13.    New York Red Bulls. I didn’t even have to think before naming this the worst MLS name. Naming your team after your number one sponsor is tacky. What’s next New York Pepsi Colas?

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No really, don’t. Remember Nietzsche, Marx? Not a good idea.


Besides, lack of government intervention is what got us in this mess.

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That’s what it’s called on Youtube. I think it’s neat.

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