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Call me cold, but I don’t think they should have gotten the money.

The two San Jose brothers whose friend was fatally mauled on Christmas Day 2007 by a tiger that escaped a closure at the San Francisco Zoo will receive $900,000 as part of a settlement in a civil lawsuit, according to a source.

My take on the incident a year ago, here.

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“I know lots of stupid people who went to Ivy League schools.” Karl Rove.

Yeah, we know.

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Mixed Berry Pie

I like recipes that are really simple. 5 ingredients or less is a good thing. This mixed berry pie is just that. I made an all butter pie crust with a bit of almond flour thrown in for good measure. The filling is 4 cups berries, 1/2 sugar, 1/4 flour and 1/2 tsp cinnamon. That’s it, and it comes out perfect every time.

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Danton went and put himself in my bike bag. There’s a LOL cat in here somewhere, but my lolspeak is a bit rusty.

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Roxy Music: Ladytron

You don’t often hear the oboe in a pop song. This is a great song, but watching Brian Ferry sing it in such a dated way really doesn’t seduce me.

You’ve got me girl on the run around run around
You’ve got me all around town
You’ve got me girl on the run around
And it’s getting me down, getting me down
Lady if you want to find a lover
Then you look no further
For I’m gonna be your only
Searching at the start of the season
And my only reason
Is that I´ll get to you
I´ll find some way of connection
Hiding my intention
Then I´ll move up close to you
I´ll use you and I´ll confuse you
And the I´ll lose you
Still you won’t suspect me

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Here are some of the main points in this must-read article about the future of the Russian Space program. They truly sound light years ahead of the rest of the world.

  1. De-dock the Russian portion of the International Space Station and use that piece as the cornerstone of a new Russian space station as the ISS’s lifespan goes no further than 2020.
  2. Build the components of the new station with the understanding that each component has a lifespan and can and should be replaced. However, this does not mean the entire station should be destroyed. Rather, the parts should be constantly renewed.
  3. Without the Russian portion of ISS, there is nothing physical keeping  the ISS in space. Uh oh, that could get ugly.

And the rest sounds like pure science fiction. And very exciting. I highly recommend reading the article. Via the BBC.

With the first launch of the new Russian spacecraft optimistically set for 2018, it would probably reach the launch pad by the time Nasa ends its support for the ISS.

Unlike the ISS, which was advertised primarily as a platform for scientific research, Russia’s future space station, dubbed the Orbital Piloted Assembly and Experiment Complex (OPSEK), would have the main goal of supporting deep space exploration.

Behind the scenes, Russian engineers have drawn up ambitious plans for orbital stations around the Earth and the Moon, and eventually in the orbit of Mars. These would be linked by re-usable tugs, shuttling between them continuously to support the sustained exploration of the Solar System.

After separation from rest of the ISS, the station’s 20-tonne service module could eventually be replaced by a 40-tonne living quarters launched by a new family of rockets.

In turn, this module could ultimately serve as a construction site and a base for the Martian expedition complex, which could be assembled in Earth orbit in the mid-2030s to carry the first humans to the Red Planet.

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I made this at home with a nice citrusy vinaigrette.

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