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Regarding  interleague play which is the term used to describe regular season Major League Baseball games played between teams in different leagues:

I’m not a big fan. It’s a novelty for the fans; I think we’re doing it for the fans. Which is fine. – Joe Torre, Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What’s missing from this article is that the reason why Torre doesn’t like interleague play is because his number-one-team-in-baseball Dodgers got their asses kicked by the Seattle Mariners. In Los Angeles.

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In retrospect, it may not have been a good idea to take my expensive camera with me on a canoe. We saw a canoe turn over and went to rescue one of the displaced. When he tried to get into our canoe, and eventually he did, I really thought we were going to turn over also. This guy did not know how to stay balanced in a canoe. And in case you were wondering, no he was not drunk.

1. Montlake Bridge

2. A beautiful crane


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Picture of the day


I’m going to have a hard time articulating this, as I often do, but I think this CNN picture and accompanying story is saying a lot by reinforcing negative African American stereotypes. So a pop star who is  so unhealthy no insurer would touch his London concert series dies, and Jesse Jackson wants answers.

I think we need to be honest about what much of white America thinks about Jesse Jackson. To them, he and Al Sharpton are the equivalent of ambulance chasers except instead of lawyers chasing accidents they are chasing any racial issue, sometimes creating racial issues, to cause an uproar. Hangers on. Always taking advantage of events to put themselves back in the spotlight.

And here we have this CNN picture. I think the picture says: There they are again. Notice the caption says “The Reverand Jesse Jackson, left, meets with Michael Jackson’s father, Joe, and another man Friday.” Look at how dodgy they look. What are they up to? And who is this other man? Up to no good, I’m sure.

The white America I mention above sees this and all of a sudden has all these negative feelings toward black America.  I’m having negative feelings toward Joe Jackson. I didn’t even like Michael Jackson, but it’s quite clear that his entire family, perhaps with the exception of Janet,  have been living off of him since he was 11 years old.  So to see Joe Jackson outraged, I can’t help but think he’s upset because his meal ticket, the one that he probably psychologically fucked up during childhood, has died. Joe was the one who set up these 50 concerts in the first place, which quite frankly probably pushed a man in an extremely weak condition over the edge. Anyway, this picture pisses me off. This story pisses me off. I mean can’t they interview Serena Williams again?

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Cafe au whey

I think I’m now officially a part of hippydom. I used the leftover whey from our goat cheese curds in my latte this morning. It was interesting. Very whey-like which I suppose was predictable.

Photo via CheeseSlave.

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upstaging Michael Jackson at the 1996 Brit Awards? While Jackson’s death is certainly a shock to anyone in my generation, I can’t say that have a lot of fond feelings for the guy. He was very likely a child molester. Sure he was completely nuts also, but… I will speak no more ill of the dead.

I love Jarvis Cocker.

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Justice Clarence Thomas’ dissent on the Supreme Court decision that a school violated a student’s rights when it strip-searched her, more specifically, made her remove her panties to search for gasp!?! ibuprofen.

“It was eminently reasonable to conclude the backpack was empty because Redding was secreting the pills in a place she thought no one would look,”

Eminently reasonable? In what universe? And by the way, she didn’t have any ibuprofen.

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David Byrne

I went to the Paramount show last night in Seattle. He’s a great performer. I loved how he opened the show by saying that anyone could take pictures but when they post them to only post the flattering ones. Here’s a an old skit.

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I am truly amazed that the Republicans can continue to object to a public health care option with a straight face. It will compete with private insurance, they say. Exactly.  Private insurance companies have shown an utter disregard for the health of their members — which oddly enough is the business that they are in.

The organization I use for health insurance is a quasi-government sponsored health care plan. I was given the choice of this plan, or a few private plans. The private plans offered include Group Health Cooperative and Aetna. Both have monthly premiums that are 4 times more expensive than the plan I am on. What is the difference in coverage? I have a $200 deductible for pharmaceuticals, $200 deductible for doctor appointments and $200 deductible for some specialty appointments.  After that, I pay %10 of the costs of my hospital visits. There are catastrophic limits if something terrible should happen to me also.

When I chose my plan, I noted that I don’t take any pharmaceuticals. I’m very grateful for that. I also estimated that I go to the doctor perhaps twice a year. When I looked at my bills, 10% seemed very close to what a private insurance company’s co-pays are which are anywhere from $10 to $25 per hospitable visit. I don’t need to be referred by a primary care doctor to a specialty doctor. I feel that these are wasted visits. The only thing my doctor is doing is referring me to someone else; why should I see my primary doctor first? Once, my primary doctor completely missed an obvious diagnosis that my sports medicine podiatrist discovered easily.

Paying 10% of my costs reminds me how much health care costs and it keeps me in check. I don’t go to the doctor at the first hint of illness. I wait a week. Sometimes two and usually whatever ailed me has gone away. My pharmaceutical deductible also prevents me from getting drugs that I really don’t need. A dermatologist recommended this great mousse for dry scalp instead of a lotion. That drug cost a whopping $250. I took the lotion instead.

I’ve known a woman on the same plan who had breast cancer and was successfully treated for it. Because catastrophic illnesses have a different measure than doctors visits, her costs were completely reasonable. A friend’s wife on the same plan had a premature baby. That baby was in an incubator over a month. His costs were also extremely reasonable.

My insurance company is not trying to make money by screwing me over. I appreciate that. I can’t say that about private insurance.

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Here’s a bold article written by Arthur Caplan about the inequalities of health care in the United States. He uses Steve Jobs’ liver transplant to highlight the inequalities and to discuss the pressing problems driving health care reform.

Jobs did not have problem with the first hurdle. He has plenty of doctors watching him. They found his initial pancreas problem and his subsequent liver problem. Millions of Americans are not so fortunate. They can’t afford a primary care doctor. Some Americans show up at emergency rooms so sick due to failing hearts, livers, lungs and kidneys that they could not possibly survive a transplant. Others simply die without any doctor diagnosing what is going on with their organs. These unlucky patients are rationed out of their chance to get a transplant without even knowing it.

Read the whole thing here.

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Cuteness alert

While I object to people owning wild animals as pets, this is undoubtedly a cute video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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John Lennon: Jealous Guy

A great song.

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Via ThinkProgress.


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Jake and I made cheese curds out of some raw goat milk yesterday. What better excuse to make poutine? I made a herb gravy with butter, fresh herbs and wine. I then added sauteed morels (thank you Ballard Farmer’s market) and voila. Oven fries topped with cheese curds and with some herb and morel gravy poured over the top. I don’t think I’ve ever made anything more decadent and homely at the same time.

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Here is a very strange op-ed in the L.A. Times. A man writes a tribute to his now dead father. His father is responsible for his son being able to walk.

He then tells us how he watched his father die when he came upon his dad and another woman having sex on the kitchen floor while his mom was in the hospital. Heart attack. The writer also talks about the time his father bought boxing gloves for him and proceeded to beat his son to a bloody pulp. At the age of 13. Oh and then there was that time when he duct-taped his son to a kitchen chair and then turned on the electric knife and pointed it at his son.

Well I guess we all have heart-warming stories like that to share on fathers day. Not.

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I would maybe have added some expletives, but this guy is pissed off too.

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Is it just me or do these guys look just as bad in the “after” pictures as in the before? Sure, it’s a different bad, but…

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ESPN Sucks

I spent a very interesting evening at a pub watching the fucking College World Series of baseball with teams Arkansas and Virginia. Why? Because ESPN has purchased exclusive rights to broadcast the Seattle Sounders games for the rest of the soccer season yet that purchasing decision did not lead them to make any other changes to their broadcast schedule, meaning a game as insignificant as the playoffs for the College World Series of baseball being played in lovely Omaha, Nebraska was shown in Seattle while the Sounders game was not. They estimated that baseball game would be over by 7:30, but it went into extra innings.

ESPN were nice enough to occasionally show us clips of the match we were missing. But only several minutes after the goals happened. Let me tell you Arkansas and Virginia both suck. They were in the 12 inning before they finally ended that thing. I saw a guy slide for home who was tagged at least 3 yards from the plate. Slides don’t really work in those situations. Then I saw the catcher and the pitcher both miss a pop-up by a few feet. One of them you can understand, but both?

I will say it was a bonding experience for those in the pub. We were all united in our wish for someone, anyone, so help me god please, Arkansas, Virginia, who cares, just scoring to end our nightmare. We also were listening to the audio of the game and it was kind of funny to watch us all hesitate trying to figure out what was happening before cheering for the goal. It was really funny actually.

At the beginning of the Seattle Sounders Expansion season, you could watch the full soccer games on broadcast television. But I guess once ESPN smelled the aroma of the Seattle Sounders fan base, they thought they might be able to profit from it. I’d like to also mention that some people can watch matches on ESPN360.com. But only if you have an ISP that ESPN approves of. In this case Verizon. What a load of shit. That’s got to be illegal surely.

In any case, we lost due to an own-goal. Very depressing.

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I wonder if they’ll lose any players when they play.

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DailyKos has the story of a Ahmadinejad rally photograph being photoshopped to increase the crowd size.

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Alice Cooper in Sextette

It’s getting painful to watch, but if you can’t resist, click here.

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A picture is worth a thousand words.


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Sextette continues

I’m glad that Timothy Dalton was able to make something of his career after this film.

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What movie stars Mae West, Timothy Dalton, Dom DeLuise, Tony Curtis, Ringo Starr, George Hamilton, Alice Cooper, Regis Philbin and George Raft? There’s no movie that could possibly have all those people in it? Well, yes there is. I’ll be posting videos this week until they run out.

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