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Regarding  interleague play which is the term used to describe regular season Major League Baseball games played between teams in different leagues:

I’m not a big fan. It’s a novelty for the fans; I think we’re doing it for the fans. Which is fine. – Joe Torre, Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What’s missing from this article is that the reason why Torre doesn’t like interleague play is because his number-one-team-in-baseball Dodgers got their asses kicked by the Seattle Mariners. In Los Angeles.

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In retrospect, it may not have been a good idea to take my expensive camera with me on a canoe. We saw a canoe turn over and went to rescue one of the displaced. When he tried to get into our canoe, and eventually he did, I really thought we were going to turn over also. This guy did not know how to stay balanced in a canoe. And in case you were wondering, no he was not drunk.

1. Montlake Bridge

2. A beautiful crane


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Picture of the day


I’m going to have a hard time articulating this, as I often do, but I think this CNN picture and accompanying story is saying a lot by reinforcing negative African American stereotypes. So a pop star who is  so unhealthy no insurer would touch his London concert series dies, and Jesse Jackson wants answers.

I think we need to be honest about what much of white America thinks about Jesse Jackson. To them, he and Al Sharpton are the equivalent of ambulance chasers except instead of lawyers chasing accidents they are chasing any racial issue, sometimes creating racial issues, to cause an uproar. Hangers on. Always taking advantage of events to put themselves back in the spotlight.

And here we have this CNN picture. I think the picture says: There they are again. Notice the caption says “The Reverand Jesse Jackson, left, meets with Michael Jackson’s father, Joe, and another man Friday.” Look at how dodgy they look. What are they up to? And who is this other man? Up to no good, I’m sure.

The white America I mention above sees this and all of a sudden has all these negative feelings toward black America.  I’m having negative feelings toward Joe Jackson. I didn’t even like Michael Jackson, but it’s quite clear that his entire family, perhaps with the exception of Janet,  have been living off of him since he was 11 years old.  So to see Joe Jackson outraged, I can’t help but think he’s upset because his meal ticket, the one that he probably psychologically fucked up during childhood, has died. Joe was the one who set up these 50 concerts in the first place, which quite frankly probably pushed a man in an extremely weak condition over the edge. Anyway, this picture pisses me off. This story pisses me off. I mean can’t they interview Serena Williams again?

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Cafe au whey

I think I’m now officially a part of hippydom. I used the leftover whey from our goat cheese curds in my latte this morning. It was interesting. Very whey-like which I suppose was predictable.

Photo via CheeseSlave.

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upstaging Michael Jackson at the 1996 Brit Awards? While Jackson’s death is certainly a shock to anyone in my generation, I can’t say that have a lot of fond feelings for the guy. He was very likely a child molester. Sure he was completely nuts also, but… I will speak no more ill of the dead.

I love Jarvis Cocker.

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Justice Clarence Thomas’ dissent on the Supreme Court decision that a school violated a student’s rights when it strip-searched her, more specifically, made her remove her panties to search for gasp!?! ibuprofen.

“It was eminently reasonable to conclude the backpack was empty because Redding was secreting the pills in a place she thought no one would look,”

Eminently reasonable? In what universe? And by the way, she didn’t have any ibuprofen.

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