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ESPN Sucks

I spent a very interesting evening at a pub watching the fucking College World Series of baseball with teams Arkansas and Virginia. Why? Because ESPN has purchased exclusive rights to broadcast the Seattle Sounders games for the rest of the soccer season yet that purchasing decision did not lead them to make any other changes to their broadcast schedule, meaning a game as insignificant as the playoffs for the College World Series of baseball being played in lovely Omaha, Nebraska was shown in Seattle while the Sounders game was not. They estimated that baseball game would be over by 7:30, but it went into extra innings.

ESPN were nice enough to occasionally show us clips of the match we were missing. But only several minutes after the goals happened. Let me tell you Arkansas and Virginia both suck. They were in the 12 inning before they finally ended that thing. I saw a guy slide for home who was tagged at least 3 yards from the plate. Slides don’t really work in those situations. Then I saw the catcher and the pitcher both miss a pop-up by a few feet. One of them you can understand, but both?

I will say it was a bonding experience for those in the pub. We were all united in our wish for someone, anyone, so help me god please, Arkansas, Virginia, who cares, just scoring to end our nightmare. We also were listening to the audio of the game and it was kind of funny to watch us all hesitate trying to figure out what was happening before cheering for the goal. It was really funny actually.

At the beginning of the Seattle Sounders Expansion season, you could watch the full soccer games on broadcast television. But I guess once ESPN smelled the aroma of the Seattle Sounders fan base, they thought they might be able to profit from it. I’d like to also mention that some people can watch matches on ESPN360.com. But only if you have an ISP that ESPN approves of. In this case Verizon. What a load of shit. That’s got to be illegal surely.

In any case, we lost due to an own-goal. Very depressing.

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