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Want to know everything about why David Beckham’s entry into the MLS was an utter failure? This excerpt from The Beckham Experiment is not to be missed. There’s a lot here that speaks for the dynamic of the MLS whether or not David Beckham is on your team.

The longer Donovan had been around Beckham, the more he’d asked himself, Who is this guy? Why is he so secretive? Donovan had tried to have a conversation with Beckham the day before, but he’d gotten nowhere. “So you’re going to Milan?” Donovan had asked.

“We’ll see,” Beckham replied. “I’ve got to stay fit somehow during the off-season.”

“It’s a nice city, right?”

“Some people say it is, but I don’t know.”

And that was it. Their lockers were side-by-side, but they might as well have been a million miles apart.

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