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I usually try to buy locally roasted coffee. This is Seattle after all so we have a lot of choice. For a very long time I was buying Pegasus which is hands down my favorite, but unfortunately my office moved and now Pegasus is completely inconvenient. Thus began my quest for a local replacement.

I always bought Pegasus beans by the pound because we make our own lattes in the morning at home.  In trying other coffees I stumbled upon a trend to sell coffee by the 12 0z oz bag for the same price that places used to sell a full pound or 16 0unces. It’s not just your small places either. Starbucks, Tullys and Torrefazione all have 12 0z oz bags for you to buy. Now I did see a full pound at Starbucks too. You just have to be careful.

This is Kuma Coffee which is roasted in the Seattle neighborhood Magnolia. It’s really good and they do sell it by the pound for I think 10.99. Much better than 10.99 for 12 ounces as far as I’m concerned.

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