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The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I’ve never seen it this way.

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Fainting Goats

Who knew

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I think these cats are related to me

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Nearly seven months ago the Seattle Post Intelligencer newspaper converted to an online-only news source. So how’s that going? Judging by the fact that they’re looking to LOL cats to save the day, I’d say not so good.

Today seattlepi.com begins to feature content from the blockbuster site, where site users both submit the funny photos and decide which are good enough to make it to the home page.

By way of introduction, we asked Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezburger Network, formerly Pet Holdings, Inc., to explain what this “lolcat” thing is all about.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


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Gigantic Rabbit Feet

Is it just me or does Danton have the largest feet you’ve ever seen on a cat? He kind of reminds me of Bugs Bunny with his white belly and white paws.

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Here are some odd leftovers. To see the whole gallery, click here to go to my flickr set.

1. I’m not sure what this funnel building was in the back or even what town this was, but I thought it looked cool and weird.

2. A gargoyle in Tours.

3. Bicycle and wheat.

4. Goat on a haystack.

5. Cat on a hot tin roof in Tours.

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Need more traffic on your blog? You might consider creating a post with the very same title as this one. How do I know this? Danny Westneat in 2007 wrote this editorial:

As I look back at the year in news, it’s clear I should have focused more on people having sex with horses.

That’s the conclusion I reach after reviewing a new list of the year’s top local news stories. Only this list is not the usual tedious recounting by news editors or pundits who profess to speak for you readers. This is the people’s-choice list.

It’s not a survey of what news you say you read.

It’s what you actually read.

By tallying clicks on our Web site, we now chart the most read stories in the online edition of The Seattle Times. Software then sorts the tens of thousands of stories for 2005 and ranks them. Not by importance, impact or poetic lyricism, but by which stories compelled the most people to put finger to mouse, click, open and, presumably, read.

Which brings me back to sex with horses. The story last summer about the man who died from a perforated colon while having sex with a horse in Enumclaw was by far the year’s most read article.

What’s more, four more of the year’s 20 most clicked-upon local news stories were about the same horse-sex incident. We don’t publish our Web-traffic numbers, but take it from me — the total readership on these stories was huge.

If you really want to know about the South Carolina man who had sex with a horse, you can check out the esteemed HuffingtonPost for all your titiliating bits of news for the day.

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It’s funny because it’s so true.

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Paw-licking good

Danton has some sort of liver disease. We don’t know what has caused it, but he is jaundiced right now. It’s been a rough week trying to figure out how this young cat got sick and it’s possible we’ll never know. Since he won’t eat or drink at all, part of taking care of him is to give him medicine twice a day and to force-feed him food through a syringe three times a day. It’s not easy force-feeding a cat let me tell you.

On Friday, he miraculously ate a half can of tuna. We were elated. But this was followed by two days of eating nothing at all meaning two full days of force-feedings. He kept sniffing the wide variety of foods that we tried to get him to eat including baby food, but he never ate it. Instead he would just motion to bury it by scratching the floor around it.

Last night we went to see Shakespeare in the Park. It was The Taming of the Shrew and quite good I might add. Here’s a link to the company. My friend Lynne has a family tradition of bringing a bucket of fried chicken to Shakespeare in the Park, so we stopped by Kentucky Fried Chicken. Then as we were driving to the show, we thought to ourselves how good that chicken smelled in the car and all of us started to get hungry. Maybe it will have the same affect on Danton, I thought. So we took a piece home for him. I tore off the Colonel’s secret recipe crust and started to tear up the chicken, then I put it in front of the cat. Lo and behold he ate it! He ate a lot of it! He would walk away then go back to get more. At the end of the night we left the chicken out and he finished it up. I really love KFC right now.

How I wish this were some sort of cat plot to get us to feed Danton people food, but of course that’s not it. With any luck, he will have turned the corner and we’ll start to see some improvement.

Here’s a photo of him eating. Not a good photo, but I didn’t want to disturb him.

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Cuteness alert

While I object to people owning wild animals as pets, this is undoubtedly a cute video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Cuteness alert", posted with vodpod

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Call me cold, but I don’t think they should have gotten the money.

The two San Jose brothers whose friend was fatally mauled on Christmas Day 2007 by a tiger that escaped a closure at the San Francisco Zoo will receive $900,000 as part of a settlement in a civil lawsuit, according to a source.

My take on the incident a year ago, here.

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Feeling lazy

Perhaps I will write a piece on just what laziness is. Perhaps.

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Happy Easter

Here’s a cute cat video to celebrate.

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Danton and Photography

I’ve been taking lots of photos of the cat. When you have a cute subject who is being cute nearly all the time, there is a huge temptation to take lots of photos. Sometimes the lighting for my photos was all wrong, but I found that converting to black and white in PhotoShop makes it look intentional.

1. The typical cat expression.

2. Followed by cute photo of Danton sleeping. (He really loves his kitty sill)

3. Here the same picture is in black and white.

4. In these final two you can detect  a brightness in some areas. This was a weird yellowish color in color.

5. But I think it looks okay in b&w.

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Danton in a basket

Photoshop’s red eye corrector only went so far here. But still you got to admit he’s cute.

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Danton the cat

On Monday we brought Danton home for the Seattle Animal Shelter clinic where he was neutered. Since then he’s had an amazing recovery. On day one and two he primarily hid under the bed, but by day three he was coming out to be pet. On day 4 he found our bedroom upstairs to visit. On day 5 he was running the house. There are a few peculiarities to Danton. He licks me a lot. He loves it. For several minutes. If I move away he swats at my hand to bring it back. I’ll post pictures as they come.

For those not brushed up on the French Revolution, you can read about the first Danton here.

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Take this headline and corresponding pictures.


I know this elephant. I’ve passed by it driving many a time and it is absolutely the most vile thing I’ve ever seen. For many years there was a little dirt mountain of bird crap that you could see on the inside of its belly. A little hill of dung that was just permanently there. I wondered to myself, what business would advertise with that elephant. There used to be a florist at this location but now it’s a vehicle rental place. I guess this must be Seattle’s Carhenge, but Historic Landmark? Good lord. Article, here.


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The Implied Observer gets a cat

Not the cat in the video. Our cat is still too shy to be videotaped, but he is of a similar breed.

We picked up “Danton” from the Seattle Animal Shelter yesterday. He’d had a rough day being first neutered and then waking up in a strange place. Right now we’re trying to give him a lot of space, but unfortunately our home has very few hiding places which is exactly what he needs right now. If we’d known we would have put one of the beds on its bed frame. Oh well.

As soon as we let him out in his room, he kept flinging himself against the window trying to get out. The window has a very narrow sill, so he’d jump up and try to get out then fall back down. I didn’t get much sleep due to this. I think he’ll come around  in a few days though and maybe we’ll be able to get a good photo of him.

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Pink Elephants

More on the BBC.

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For Project Runway fans.


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Irish dancing with sea lion

I think this sea lion is a better dancer than me. And otters! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

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Last year I posted about Bushman, the most misunderstood gorilla in the world. This year again we humans have again missed the point:

Many zoo visitors have witnessed chimpanzees throwing, uh, stuff, in the direction of people, but a particular chimp in Sweden has the scientific community abuzz because a study released Monday shows that primates possess the ability to plot and execute plans.

The report, in the journal Current Biology, cites the actions of Santino in the Furuvik Zoo near Stockholm. The 31-year-old alpha male was observed beginning preparations before the zoo opened. It collected rocks and other debris and stored the cache in a strategic location until midday, then opened fire on visitors beyond a moat.

“These observations convincingly show that our fellow apes do consider the future in a very complex way,” the report’s author, Lund University doctoral student Mathias Osvath, told the Associated Press. “It implies that they have a highly developed consciousness, including lifelike mental simulations of potential events.”

I can just imagine the thoughts of these chimpanzees: What is wrong with these humans? Can’t they get the point? I’m throwing rocks at them and yet they seem to bother me even more than before. What does it take with this species? Can’t they get the f—ing hint? Lord almighty just shoot me down now why don’t you.

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Santa Monica images

1. You don’t often see tractors in the city.

2. A memorial to the soldiers killed in Iraq on the Santa Monica beach.

3. From the Santa Monica pier, a view of a school of fish.

4. A fearless pelican from posing in two angles.

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What is it about animals in distress that tugs at our heart strings in a way human suffering often doesn’t? I suppose it’s because we believe animals are not at fault in their demise and they don’t have the resources that humans have to get out of their situation. While Australia burns, I find these images of koalas heartbreaking.

Koalas in Australia that are approaching humans out of desperation after suffering through four days of temperatures in the 100s (40C).

Via Americablog by way of ABC Adelaide.

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