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If you haven’t seen Office Killer, you should. Carol Kane plays a doormat secretary who accidentally starts enacting revenge on those who have treated her badly. The photography is extraordinary as you would expect from Cindy Sherman. I also love it when my favorite character actors get to play the lead — in this case it’s Carol Kane and she rules. I should warn you that the genre is extreme black comedy. The humor is dark and disturbing.

I’m not sure what this clip below is. It’s not from the film, but it kind of looks like the film. Some sort of art is going on.

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I love the Russians

Such a passionate people. It’s like reading Dostoevsky.

The Louvre Museum says a Russian visitor hurled an empty terra cotta mug at the Mona Lisa.

A museum spokesman says the canvas of the Da Vinci masterpiece was undamaged in the attack last week, though the mug shattered.

He said Tuesday small cracks appeared in the glass protecting the museum’s most popular possession, but they will soon be fixed.

The painting’s security alarms went off immediately and police whisked the woman away, while viewing of the painting continued as usual. The spokesman is not authorized to be named according to museum policy.

Paris police said the woman was taken to a psychiatric ward after the incident, but wouldn’t say any more about who she is or why she targeted the painting.

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What are these?

With nothing better to blog about, I give you this picture that I took in Venice Beach in February this year.

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…showing the decreasing size of the Grande Armée as it marches to Moscow and back with the size of the army equal to the width of the line. Temperature is plotted on the lower graph for the return journey (Multiply Réaumur temperatures by 1¼ to get Celsius, e.g. −30°R = −37.5 °C)

I thought Jake might like this. Click on the link for the larger image. Information on the march at Wikipedia.

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There is so much going on in this story; it’s hard to keep track. An art collector is suing Louis Vitton and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art for selling him what he thought was original art, but was actually leftover material from LV handbags. If he knew that the $6,000 he paid for the art was really a $1,000 handbag he would have prudently purchased the handbag and mounted it in a frame himself.

Can we really feel sorry for a man who buys a logo mounted in a frame and then is disappointed when he finds out it isn’t “art”? Can we really feel sorry for anyone who buys an LV handbag for thousands of dollars full stop? And perhaps more importantly why on earth is the LAMoCA selling handbags mounted on frames anyway? Read about the ridiculousness here.

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The Huntington Library

I didn’t photograph any paintings or books, but here are some nice photos nonetheless. Info on the Huntington Library, here.

1. A taste of the European Art Gallery rooms.

More photos after the jump.


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Wow! What a day.

1. From one of the many balconies.

2. Another wow moment.

3. Interesting cactus.

4. The garden.

5. This one feels so Escher to me.

6. I took this while lying on my back on some grass.

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