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This cartoon is found many places, but I found it on Huffingtonpost.


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Update: The link is too small in this picture. So here it is: MadMenYourself.com

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I have been a huge fan of Robotech ever since I was a kid. It’s actually a bit of an obsession. Today I was having a conversation about Princess Leia’s hair when suddenly I realized that maybe George Lucas inspired Minmay’s haircut. Don’t judge me too harshly for this post.

1. Minmay from Robotech in 1982.

2. Princess Leia from Star Wars 1977.

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David Horsey on the GOP

It’s a beauty.

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This is not to be missed.

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Over the weekend I was having a lot of conversations about the “Global Financial Crisis.” I thought the Global Financial Crisis is much like Weapons of Mass Destruction — a mouthful of a phrase that surely could be shortened like WMD. The obvious answer would be GFC, but GFM was suggested with the M standing for Meltdown. We thought that was more fitting. Which will you use?

Cartoon via David Horsey.

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