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Northwest Folklife is a huge festival with tens of thousands of people descending upon Seattle Center. Many a year, I have been to Seattle Center and viewed tons and tons of plastic garbage from the bottled tap water that they try to sell you. This year, they had the water stand pictured below so that you can refill your bottles. What a concept! At the end of the day, I did witness a grown man show his son how to point the nossel directly in his mouth. But other than that it was a great idea and much appreciated.

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It’s kind of important.

Info on Mt. Rainier, here. This excellent photo is via Seattle rainscreens photostream.

Update: CNN article, here.

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What is it about animals in distress that tugs at our heart strings in a way human suffering often doesn’t? I suppose it’s because we believe animals are not at fault in their demise and they don’t have the resources that humans have to get out of their situation. While Australia burns, I find these images of koalas heartbreaking.

Koalas in Australia that are approaching humans out of desperation after suffering through four days of temperatures in the 100s (40C).

Via Americablog by way of ABC Adelaide.

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An interesting post from Matt Yglesias full of gems like this:

And Iceland is a very small country with an economy that revolves more-or-less exclusively around fish, tourism, Bjork, and banking so a banking collapse amidst a global economic slowdown leaves them in bad shape and facing national bankruptcy.

A Canadian solution?

But David Hayes in a letter to Canada’s National Post suggests a Canadian solution:

Iceland, in the words of its President, is facing the “very real danger” of national bankruptcy. If the situation deteriorates, Canada should invite the small island nation to join our confederation, just as we did 60 years ago with another island in the Atlantic facing bankruptcy.

The island in question, for those not up on their Canadian history, would be Newfoundland which until 1949 was a politically separate element of Britain’s evolving empire-then-commonwealth.

Now that would be a tragedy. I read the book Collapse by Jared Diamond a few years ago. It talked a lot about the fragility of Iceland, both environmental and economical. Back then I thought the book was overstating things in the world a bit. Now I wonder if I should pick it up again.

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On our last day at Glacier National Park, we did a modest six mile hike and finally we were able to see up close some moutain goats.

More photos after the jump. (more…)

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The weather finally cleared and we were able to do a 12 mile hike along the Garden Wall trail at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. You get absolutely stunning views.

Lots more pictures after the jump.


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For a Glacier National Park ground squirrel with straw in its mouth.

Or for a cute ptarmigan.

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