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Me and Orson Welles

I managed to catch this film in Sacramento while I was visiting. It’s really fantastic. It walks a fine line between depicting Orson Welles as an asshole and a genius. That’s not easy. I also thought Zac Efron was adorable. I can see why all the tweens love him.

The best performance hands down is Christian McKay’s fantastic non-impression of Welles. It’s as accurate as an impression but it’s so full of life and sincerity. There’s no hint of caricature here. James Tupper’s Joseph Cotton wasn’t bad either.

Probably my only disappointment came during the closing credits when I found out it was based on a novel. It seemed so real, I was hoping it was an autobiographical piece.

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The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I’ve never seen it this way.

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The monster mash

Unoriginal, perhaps. But this is my favorite Halloween song.

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Truly bizarre.

Last month, an Azerbaijani man told the BBC he had been accused of being unpatriotic and a “potential security threat”, after he sent a text backing Armenia’s song, Jan Jan.

The country’s authorities said people had merely been invited to explain why they voted for Armenia.

The two states fought over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region in the 1990s.

Here’s winner Alexander Rybak of Norway.

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The best band name ever

That would be We were promised jet packs. We saw them last night as the opening band for Frightened Rabbit at Neumo’s. They were fun.

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Spinal Tap at Wembley

Last night we watched the DVD commentary on one of my favorite movies: This Is Spinal Tap. No matter what Christopher Guest has done since, This is Spinal Tap will always be my favorite.

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Busy busy busy with not much to say. Danton is doing fabulously; thank you all for your inquiries into his health.

Here’s Meryl Streep in one of my favorite movies Postcards from the Edge.

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Telekinesis: Tokyo

We saw this local band a few months ago at the Crocodile and loved the show.

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upstaging Michael Jackson at the 1996 Brit Awards? While Jackson’s death is certainly a shock to anyone in my generation, I can’t say that have a lot of fond feelings for the guy. He was very likely a child molester. Sure he was completely nuts also, but… I will speak no more ill of the dead.

I love Jarvis Cocker.

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David Byrne

I went to the Paramount show last night in Seattle. He’s a great performer. I loved how he opened the show by saying that anyone could take pictures but when they post them to only post the flattering ones. Here’s a an old skit.

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John Lennon: Jealous Guy

A great song.

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Alice Cooper in Sextette

It’s getting painful to watch, but if you can’t resist, click here.

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Sextette continues

I’m glad that Timothy Dalton was able to make something of his career after this film.

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Sing Stand By Your Man

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Tammy Wynette & Lyle Lovett 1993“, posted with vodpod

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Great show last night at the Paramount.

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Roxy Music: Ladytron

You don’t often hear the oboe in a pop song. This is a great song, but watching Brian Ferry sing it in such a dated way really doesn’t seduce me.

You’ve got me girl on the run around run around
You’ve got me all around town
You’ve got me girl on the run around
And it’s getting me down, getting me down
Lady if you want to find a lover
Then you look no further
For I’m gonna be your only
Searching at the start of the season
And my only reason
Is that I´ll get to you
I´ll find some way of connection
Hiding my intention
Then I´ll move up close to you
I´ll use you and I´ll confuse you
And the I´ll lose you
Still you won’t suspect me

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I was finally able to get a chance to edit some photos, so expect a lot of posts with photos in the near future. I went to Northwest Folklife yesterday and got some good pictures. My favorite is the one below of Rebecca Lomnicky. It was hard to find a tent without a lot of shadows on the performers, but later in the day I was able to grab this. She was by far the best thing I saw.

2. My complete apologies to these buskers in that I didn’t grab their name. They were also performing in a venue but after looking at the complete list of performers I was still unable to identify them.

3. Finally the Northwest Junior Piper Band.

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At the risk of having two opera posts in one week, I found this video of another aria from the character Cherubino in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro. This video translates the very romantic lyrics.

Update: Actually it looks like only the beginning is translated. Here are  the lyrics below.

You who know what love is,
Ladies, see if I have it in my heart.
I’ll tell you what I’m feeling,
It’s new for me, and I understand nothing.
I have a feeling, full of desire,
Which is by turns delightful and miserable.
I freeze and then feel my soul go up in flames,
Then in a moment I turn to ice.
I’m searching for affection outside of myself,
I don’t know how to hold it, nor even what it is!
I sigh and lament without wanting to,
I twitter and tremble without knowing why,
I find peace neither night nor day,
But still I rather enjoy languishing this way.
You who know what love is,
Ladies, see if I have it in my heart.

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Here’s what I would add.

1. Just about anything from The Graduate.

2. In the Name of the Father, both title track by Gavin Friday and “You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart” by Sinead O’Conner.

3. Interview with the Vampire “Sympathy For the Devil” by Guns N’ Roses. (Practically the only part of the film I liked. It played at the very end and then the closing credits.)

4. The Crying Game “Stand by your Man” performed by Llyle Lovett. I guess I really like Neil Jordan’s choices.

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The Marriage of Figaro

I saw The Marriage of Figaro for the first time last night at the Seattle Opera. While I haven’t been the most ardent supporter of opera, I am a big fan of Mozart. I have to say this was by far my favorite opera in the handful or so that I’ve seen.

What a great story. Two common folk in love, two nobles out of love. One young man in love with everything and everyone. It’s all about love and very Shakespearean. I once had a recording on CD, but I’ll need to find it again.

This was my favorite aria of the opera. Cherubino proclaiming his love.

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My Bloody Valentine: Soon

Just saw them last night.

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I’m learning guitar currently and this is the song I’m learning. I guess I never really appreciated this song before, but now I realize it’s quite lovely. And very popular for beginning guitar players.

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Natalie MacMaster

Please enjoy some Scottish fiddle music.

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