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Fainting Goats

Who knew

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The monster mash

Unoriginal, perhaps. But this is my favorite Halloween song.

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I think these cats are related to me

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I love this

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How do Swedish pop stars live?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Socialism Please Pt 2: Robyn’s Crib", posted with vodpod

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The Host

Looking for a scary monster movie? I saw The Host several years ago when it came out. It’s tough to make a monster movie without having some funny moments. This movie certainly has them. What I really liked about it was first it’s not-too-subtle knocks at America. The movie uses as its catalyst a real event. From Cineaste:

While the film tells the story of a fictional disaster (thus making his critique less explicit), Bong intended to make references to real-life events. Bong was inspired by an incident that took place in 2000, when a U.S. military employee ordered 480 bottles of formaldehyde to be dumped into the Han River (the man was arrested, given a suspended sentence, and is now back at his original job). Moreover, the media and government mania stirred by the virus in The Host, which proves to be nonexistent, is meant to reference the Iraq WMD fiasco. And the U.S. military’s indiscriminate use of a mysterious toxic chemical called Agent Yellow alludes to the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

You might want to click on the above link if you’ve seen the movie. It’s a good interview.

I also liked how the heroes of this movie are members of not-too-savy family. So often we see films with ordinary people becoming extraordinary when called to duty. But what if it was my family being chased by a monster from the Han river? How would we cope? Much in the same way as the characters do in this film.

The Host TrailerThe most amazing home videos are here

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I saw this video on the Slog. Harry Connick Jr. is a judge on the Australian Gong Show when the act that appears is in blackface. What does he do? If you can’t stand to watch the whole video, Harry’s commentary is first on 2:15 and then 5:25.

I remember watching a DVD commentary by Mira Nair for the film Monsoon Wedding. Nair was talking about how in some Bollywood films, blackface still makes an appearance.

Probably the most interesting commentary on blackface can be found in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled which I liked a lot. Here’s a trailer for the film.

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Dan Ackroyd as Julia Child

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Emily Post Table Manners

You know you want to know.

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Truly bizarre.

Last month, an Azerbaijani man told the BBC he had been accused of being unpatriotic and a “potential security threat”, after he sent a text backing Armenia’s song, Jan Jan.

The country’s authorities said people had merely been invited to explain why they voted for Armenia.

The two states fought over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region in the 1990s.

Here’s winner Alexander Rybak of Norway.

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The best band name ever

That would be We were promised jet packs. We saw them last night as the opening band for Frightened Rabbit at Neumo’s. They were fun.

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The worst school ever

I saw If… for the second time. It’s fantastic and has a far better performance from Malcolm MacDowell than A Clockwork Orange. I kept thinking while watching this that the Columbine murderers certainly had nothing to complain about.

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Drama at the US Open

Here’s the video of the S. Williams Clijsters match. Article here.

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Spinal Tap at Wembley

Last night we watched the DVD commentary on one of my favorite movies: This Is Spinal Tap. No matter what Christopher Guest has done since, This is Spinal Tap will always be my favorite.

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Here I am once again in Ashland Oregon for my yearly pilgramige to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Luckily the weather has been quite mild. Usually it’s 90 degrees plus which is a bit too much for my Seattle sensibilities — granted we Seattleites know all about 90 degree plus weather since last week.

This year OSF made the rather uncouth decision to produce a musical — something they never do. I suppose they figure there are plenty of places to see musical theatre and this isn’t one of them. Until now. This gave me the opportunity to see The Music Man for the first time. I’m not sure how it escaped me before, but I really enjoyed it.

As you may know, it’s about a travelling salesman who sells instruments and uniforms to unsuspecting townspeople so that they can start a band. He tells them he will form the band and teach all the kids how to play, only he doesn’t know anything about playing music on instruments. What was appealing about this musical is that he’s such a scoundrel and yet one that you can’t help but like. I liked also how music transforms the town into a happier place.

This first section on the train was absolutely brilliant. Much better on stage than on film.

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The Tango Lesson

This is perhaps one of the most self-indulgent films I’ve ever seen. Allow me to describe. Sally Potter is a film-maker wants to learn how to tango, so she hires one of the best tango dancers to teach her. She then makes a film about her experience learning to tango casting herself as, well herself, so that the audience can watch her dance throughout the film.

We are somewhat saved in that it’s very enjoyable watching Pablo Veron dance. I was however left a little uncomfortable with this dashing young dancer having an affair with this older filmmaker. Perhaps because it seemed like he was only doing it to be part of the movie. I can’t really say what was real and what was fiction which is I suppose the whole point. Did they really have an affair? I guess I’ll never know.

If all of the above doesn’t sound ridiculous let me add that at the closing credits Sally Potter sings and sings badly. Tone deaf.

I was reminded of this film this week, because I heard an anecdote about a woman who can’t sing making a CD of her own recordings and distributing it to all her friends and subordinants at work. Some people just have no idea.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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It’s funny because it’s so true.

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Busy busy busy with not much to say. Danton is doing fabulously; thank you all for your inquiries into his health.

Here’s Meryl Streep in one of my favorite movies Postcards from the Edge.

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Be Kind Rewind

While this movie isn’t a great film, it has at least 4 great scenes. Most of the good stuff is in this preview.  I have to hand it to Jack Black. No film is too small for him. He truly is a risk taker.

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I didn’t see anything on YouTube that showed this well. You gotta go to the MLS site. It’s a beauty.

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I’m speechless.

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Here’s a Chicago Tribune article about the unfair and negative image of high-fructose corn syrup. It’s no worse than sugar, they say. It’s made from corn. There is no scientific basis to suggest it is worse than sugar, they say.

Actually, there are a number of studies suggesting a link between high-fructose corn syrup and obesity as well as diabetes. If you google  it, I’m sure you’ll find plenty. I remember similar arguments being made about genetically modified foods just having a bad image, but that there was actually nothing wrong with the product. So how do you deal with conflicting science when making decisions whether or not to consume something?

When I read about these things, I always ask myself: what benefit am I receiving because of this change? How does genetically modified foods benefit me? How does high-fructose corn syrup benefit me? What you invariably find in these situations is that there is never any benefit to the consumer at all. From the article:

And some consumers simply say foods made with sugar taste better.

All of those issues have come to outweigh high fructose corn syrup’s benefits — it helps keep foods moist, extends the shelf life of products and is cheaper to produce than cane or beet sugar. Consequently, it has become a popular ingredient in processed products in nearly every aisle of the supermarket.

The long shelf life really doesn’t persuade me as a consumer. I feel the same way about the ultra-pasteurization of milk. I would rather have what I deem tastier milk than worry about the producers ability to leave their product on the shelf for months.

As for GM foods, I’m not terribly afraid of eating them, but I am truly terrified of messing with the genes of plants that have been feeding our species for thousands of years. As anyone who gardens knows, it’s really hard to contain plants. They sprout up and populate in places you never intended. They have a life of their own. It’s scary to think that we could make a change to the genetic makeup of a plant and then be unable to control how that plant propagates itself throughout the world.

I know I already posted this video, but it’s just so damn funny.

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Telekinesis: Tokyo

We saw this local band a few months ago at the Crocodile and loved the show.

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Via the slog.

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