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He steals the show

As recent comments would suggest, Danton somehow manages to steal the spotlight on this blog. I got the idea of Obamacon-ing him from Balloon-Juice where resident cat Tunch rules the roost.

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I think these cats are related to me

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Gigantic Rabbit Feet

Is it just me or does Danton have the largest feet you’ve ever seen on a cat? He kind of reminds me of Bugs Bunny with his white belly and white paws.

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Danton went and put himself in my bike bag. There’s a LOL cat in here somewhere, but my lolspeak is a bit rusty.

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Danton and Photography

I’ve been taking lots of photos of the cat. When you have a cute subject who is being cute nearly all the time, there is a huge temptation to take lots of photos. Sometimes the lighting for my photos was all wrong, but I found that converting to black and white in PhotoShop makes it look intentional.

1. The typical cat expression.

2. Followed by cute photo of Danton sleeping. (He really loves his kitty sill)

3. Here the same picture is in black and white.

4. In these final two you can detect  a brightness in some areas. This was a weird yellowish color in color.

5. But I think it looks okay in b&w.

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The Implied Observer gets a cat

Not the cat in the video. Our cat is still too shy to be videotaped, but he is of a similar breed.

We picked up “Danton” from the Seattle Animal Shelter yesterday. He’d had a rough day being first neutered and then waking up in a strange place. Right now we’re trying to give him a lot of space, but unfortunately our home has very few hiding places which is exactly what he needs right now. If we’d known we would have put one of the beds on its bed frame. Oh well.

As soon as we let him out in his room, he kept flinging himself against the window trying to get out. The window has a very narrow sill, so he’d jump up and try to get out then fall back down. I didn’t get much sleep due to this. I think he’ll come around  in a few days though and maybe we’ll be able to get a good photo of him.

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Sarah Hepola’s article The Internet is full of kittens has just about every link imaginable for cute cat stuff. I learned about Japanese television shows that dress up cats, cats that run on a treadmill and even the unthinkable: cats that look like Hitler. Hepola explains:

But it’s those skittish, unpredictable qualities that made them screwball comics for a YouTube age. The box-surfing cat, the kitty on a Roomba, the cat eating gyoza — the Internet pumps out new adorable cat videos every day, many of them comic gems that rack up millions of viewers, their sheer simplicity and nuclear cuteness enough to make serious filmmakers soil themselves with envy and futility. (Have I seen “Che”? I have not. Have I seen “Cat with a bag on its head?” Uh, yeah: Like 10 times.)

Cats are the most popular household pets, but it took the ubiquity of video cameras (and help from the Japanese, who have never been shy about their feline fetish) to turn them into bona fide stars. Cats are creeping villains aquiver with menace. Cats are bungling Keystone Coppers whose best plans are always foiled. Cats are dicks. Cats are nauseatingly, almost criminally cute.

There’s a lot more including those Hitler cats which btw is pictured above.

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