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You know you’re a redneck when… you have brass balls hanging off the back of your truck.?!!!

In case you want some brass balls of your own, you can find them here and here.

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I asked my friend Vaughan who I know likes Starbucks if he wanted the remaining balance on my Starbucks gift card. I got one for Christmas, but as I don’t really like Starbucks coffee and I don’t really approve of their world domination tactics against small business owners I didn’t want to finish the card up because I’d have to add my own money to actually buy a drink.

To my surprise, Vaughan said he’d gone off Starbucks because he couldn’t stand the smell of their breakfast sandwiches. Well good news Vaughan. In addition to closing stores, Starbucks is getting rid of their breakfast sandwiches:

One way to turn back the clock is getting rid of the breakfast sandwiches, even though they bring in significant revenue and were seen as a way to compete for morning sales with McDonald’s Corp., which is going head-to-head with Starbucks on coffee sales.

Starbucks employees had long complained the smell of egg-and-cheese sandwiches overpowered the aroma of coffee and cheapened the store experience, and Schultz agreed. He said input from baristas during the past three weeks influenced his decision.

But closing stores? That’s quite shocking considering it seems like just yesterday they said they were going to open 40,000 additional stores. I guess the empire has fallen.

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I feel less bad about these.


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What a way to kick a man while he’s down. Not only have most media outlets ignored John Edwards in the race, but now I can’t seem to find one dignified photograph of a man who, though not my choice, lead an admirable race.

From the BBC

BBC also

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Make Your Kids’ Lunch

 reminder: if you are waiting for the government to protect you, in this case from mad cow disease, keep waiting.

Video footage being released today shows workers at a California slaughterhouse delivering repeated electric shocks to cows too sick or weak to stand on their own; drivers using forklifts to roll the “downer” cows on the ground in efforts to get them to stand up for inspection; and even a veterinary version of waterboarding in which high-intensity water sprays are shot up animals’ noses — all violations of state and federal laws designed to prevent animal cruelty and to keep unhealthy animals, such as those with mad cow disease, out of the food supply.

This Story
Moreover, the companies where these practices allegedly occurred are major suppliers of meat for the nation’s school lunch programs, including in Maryland, according to a company official and federal documents.

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Keith Haring Characters

In honor of Cloverfield making people sick, I’m asking readers to nominate their favorite film that employs a shaky cam during some or all of the film.

Though I am a computer programmer, this is going to be low tech. Just add your film to the comments and say whether or not the film was worse or better due to its shaky effects.

I’ll start off with Roger Dodger with Campbell Scott. I loved the film and it didn’t make me sick. Scott takes a risk and plays an authentically pathetic man, a rarity in Hollywood where pathetic man characters are inexplicably attractive like in Buffalo 66, The Apartment (sorry, I know I’ll get a lot of slack for that one), Igby Goes Down and The Cooler. Contrast that to About Schmidt where Nicholson is unafraid of being the complete loser that women understandably abhor.

Anyway, back to Roger Dodger. Great film with wonderful performances from Campbell Scott and Isabella Rosselini.

What will you nominate?

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