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One of Norm Coleman’s (the loser of the Minnesota Senate Race) star witnesses in his lawsuit to unseat winner Al Franken explains just why his ballot was rejected.

DeMuth’s ballot was rejected because the signature on his application didn’t match the one on his ballot, and he said nobody ever called him to inform him of the problem. Upon his initial direct examination by Coleman lawyer James Langdon, DeMuth explained how it happened: Instead of signing the application with a pen, he downloaded a PDF copy and converted it into a JPG, then typed in the relevant text and “signed” his initials by using the mouse.

“It’s hard to get the signature I normally use, so I just used my initials,” DeMuth explained.

He then e-mailed the application in and got a ballot days later, which he filled in and signed his full name to in the old-fashioned way. Upon cross-examination, Franken lawyer Kevin Hamilton asked: “Do you have a pen in your dorm-room at Fargo?”

Apparently DeMuth didn’t want to pay to print out a copy of the application on campus, and he thought this would be easier.

Should this guy be allowed to vote? Via TalkingPointsMemo.

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Here is my second segment in my “screw that” cooking advice series. Why “screw that?” Because sometimes you just read something so ridiculously outlandish in a recipe that you just have to curse.

Chicken Savoyarde by Tamasin Day Lewis.

1 4 1/2 lb chicken

2 onions, peeled, and one of them stuck with 2 cloves

2 carrots, peeled and sliced in half lengthways

3 sticks of celery, chopped in half

2 leeks, trimmed and well washed

2 bay leaves and 2 springs thyme

Put the chicken in a large pot, add the vegetables and herbs and salt. Poach very gently for an hour and a half, skimming off any scum that comes to the surface. Once cooked, lift out the bird and allow to cool. Strain the stock through a fine sieve and discard all solids.

WTF! Just what do you think you’re playing at? Discard all the f—ing solids! You mean I just did that song and dance for freaking vegetable stock? You know Tamasin, I’m sure it’s difficult for you to understand since you’re probably spending the whole day reading your mother’s poetry and helping Daniel with his method-acting and all, but some of us don’t have the time or monetary resources to throw a couple pounds of vegetables in the garbage when we could just use some semi-classy store-bought vegetable stock.

Photo and similar recipe at A Year From Oak Cottage.

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Still spinning.

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Here’s a convenient chart for you. To see the full chart, see Wikipedia.

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As you know, I love to cook. I’m quite fond of it. Occasionally while happily perusing a recipe, I’ll think to myself: screw that. No really, I’ll think f— that. Because sometimes you just read something so ridiculously outlandish in a recipe that you just have to curse.

So here is my first in a new series called “screw that” cooking advice.

The leek. I really like leeks. The recipes I’ve used leeks in range from potato and leek soup, cock-a-leekie soup, leek gratin, and risotto with butternut squash and leeks. In all of the recipes you are told to cut off and discard the tough dark green part of the leek. Well screw that.

I find the dark green part every bit as delicious as the pale green and white parts. I also have never found them to be tough. Yes, I make sure to slice them thinly. Yes, my recipes fully cook the leek, but how many recipes use raw leeks. What sort of terrible thing is supposed to happen. You would think it would be like eating the outer leaves of the artichoke the way the recipe authors go on about it. By the way, I did eat the outer leaves of an artichoke the first time I had it. Big mistake.

Cutting off the dark green part of the leek is wasteful to say the least and so far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with eating it. So screw that.

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I just discovered ROFL Razzi

And I’ve added them to my blogroll. Great for those who like LOL cats. Some notables:




Mature audiences here.

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Skipping Oscar this year

It’s not really a boycott. I would have to have a lot more passion and enthusiasm for that. But Sally Hawkins omission from the Best Actress category really highlights what a complete farce that award show is. If Angelina Jolie can get nominated soley because she can improve television ratings then I might as well just do something productive that evening.

On an unrelated topic, I think I may skip the Super Bowl as well. There’s just no enthusiasm.

Here is the brilliant Hawkins.

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