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The Implied Observer Returns

A couple of developments in the Implied Observer’s life. Sorry I was AWOL there for a while. I had a rather important job interview at my work. This would be a transfer to another position at my same place of work. For this reason, I have been uber-focused on work and haven’t had a chance to read as much. Yesterday I found out that for all intents and purposes I have gotten the position, although an offer is not yet on the table.

I did have one amusing insight that I wanted to share on the blog. Jake was helping me with interview questions, and he said at his work one of their favorite interview questions to ask prospective employees is for the person to describe their biggest failure. The philosophy at Jake’s work is that if you are good at your job, you will be able to describe a failure because you will be able to recognize what went wrong in a certain instance and what you learned from it. The idea is that all of us make mistakes, but not all of us learn from them. In addition, if you are totally lying about your experience then describing a failure will be nearly impossible. You just won’t have the details to accurately describe a situation like that.

As soon as Jake gave me this wisdom, I immediatly thought of person who would have failed a job interview at Jake’s work.

At a GOP Presidential debate in 2000:

When a local TV reporter asked the candidates what their biggest personal mistake as an adult was, the crowd shouted her down in a tangible display of the hostility many feel toward the media.

Bush, who many assumed the question was aimed at, had a joke ready: noting that when he was managing partner of the “mighty Texas Rangers, I signed off on that wonderful transaction: Sammy Sosa for Harold Baines.”

I think you get it.

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Well, it was easy: What does Glenn Greenwald think? I’ve really appreciated the fact that Greenwald since January has continued to criticize both Obama’s policies and continuation of policies which contradict Obama’s promises during the election. While I agree with Greenwald that there is still time to right the wrongs of the Bush Administration, I too am troubled by how slow we are going about doing so. The column is a must read.

Update: An LOL quote from Jake Tapper:

apparently the standards are more exacting for an ASU honorary degree these days

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“I know lots of stupid people who went to Ivy League schools.” Karl Rove.

Yeah, we know.

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A little late

It seems that now Republicans all of a sudden care about preserving white house emails.

A California Republican congressman has called on President Obama to put in place a system that ensures all White House emails be preserved even if official business was done through private e- mail accounts.

Rep. Darrell Issa, the senior Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, made the request in a February 18 letter to White House Counsel Greg Craig.

Issa specifically mentioned the new administration’s brief use of Gmail accounts after Obama was sworn in last month, as they waited for the official White House e-mail accounts to become active.

“As you know, any e-mail sent or received by White House officials may be subject to retention under the Presidential Records Act (PRA),” Issa wrote Craig in the letter.

“The use of personal e-mail accounts, such as Gmail to conduct official business raises the prospect that presidential records will not be captured by the White House e-mail archiving system. Consequently Gmail users on the President’s staff run the risk of incorrectly classifying their e-mails as non-records under the [Presidential Records] Act.”

This is the problem Republicans face today. Even when they bring up a perfectly reasonable idea, they have absolutely no credibility whatsoever in the matter. And it will be like this for a long time.

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This video is actually not difficult to watch at all. If you have a George W. Bush phobia you can handle it. I suppose because he’s nothing like what we’ve come to hate.

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What I love about David Horsey is the attention to detail.

See the original in full here.

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Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is in federal custody on corruption charges, a law enforcement official said Tuesday.

Blagojevich and his chief of staff John Harris are charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and solicitation of bribery, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Northern District of Illinois.

Federal prosecutors say Blagojevich, Harris and others conspired to gain financial benefits in appointing President-elect Barack Obama’s Senate replacement, according to the statement.

The Bush Administration has been pretty effective pulling out all the stops when it comes to squashing their opponents.

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